Seven things to know about using a generator in winter

1. Avoid premature release of water or do not release cooling water. Idle operation before flameout, wait for cooling water temperature to drop below 60℃, water is not hot, then flameout water. If the cooling water is released prematurely, the body of the diesel generator set will suddenly shrink and crack when the temperature is high. When releasing water, the remaining water in the body should be completely discharged, so as not to freeze and expand, so that the body expands and cracks. 


2. Avoid randomly choose fuel. Winter low temperature makes the fluidity of diesel oil worse, viscosity increases, not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization, combustion deterioration, leading to the decline of diesel engine power and economic performance. Therefore, light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be selected in winter. Generally speaking, the freezing point of diesel engine should be lower than the local lowest seasonal temperature of 7-10℃. 

3. Avoid starting with open flame. The air filter can not be taken off, with a cotton yarn dipped in diesel fuel lit, made of kindling placed in the intake pipe for ignition start. So in the process of starting, the external dusty air will not be filtered and directly inhaled into the cylinder, resulting in abnormal wear of the piston, cylinder and other parts, but also cause the diesel engine to work rough, damage the machine. 

4. Avoid baking oil pan with open fire. In order to avoid the deterioration of oil in the oil pan, or even scorched, lubricating performance is reduced or completely lost, thus aggravating machine wear. In winter, low freezing point oil should be selected. When starting, the method of external water bath heating can be used to improve the oil temperature.

5. Avoid improper starting method. In winter, some drivers in order to quickly start the diesel engine, often use no water start (start first, then add cooling water) abnormal start method. This practice will cause serious damage to the machine and should be prohibited. 

6. Avoid low temperature load operation. After the diesel engine starts to catch fire, some drivers can't wait to immediately put into load operation. The diesel engine that catches fire soon, because the body temperature is low, the oil viscosity is big, the oil is not easy to fill into the friction surface of the motion pair, will cause the machine to wear seriously. In addition, plunger springs, valve springs and fuel injector springs are also prone to fracture due to "cold and brittle". Therefore, after the diesel engine starts to catch fire in winter, it should idle for a few minutes at low and medium speed, and then put into load operation when the cooling water temperature reaches 60℃. 

7. Avoid do not pay attention to body heat preservation. Low winter temperature, easy to make diesel engine work excessive cooling. So heat preservation is the key to use diesel engine well in winter. In northern areas, the diesel engine used in winter should be equipped with insulation cover and insulation curtain and other cold protection equipment.


Post time: Jul-05-2022