Common faults of diesel generator set valves

Fuel consumption of diesel generators

Diesel generator set is a power machine that takes diesel as fuel and diesel as prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. A diesel engine converts the heat energy released by diesel combustion into kinetic energy, which is then converted into electricity by a generator! However, some energy is lost in each conversion! The converted energy is always only a fraction of the total energy released by combustion, and its percentage is called the thermal efficiency of the diesel engine.


For practical purposes, most diesel generator manufacturers use G/ kw.h, which means how many grams of oil are used per kilowatt hour. If you convert this unit into liters, you will immediately know how many liters of oil you use, and thus how much you spend an hour. There are also manufacturers directly tell L/H, that is the meaning of how many liters of oil consumption an hour.

Common faults of diesel generator set valves

1. Wear of valve contact surface
(1) Dust or combustion impurities in the air infiltrate or stay between the contact surfaces;
(2) During the working process of the diesel generator, the valve will be opened and closed continuously. Due to the impact and knock of the valve and the valve seat, the working surface will be grooved and widened;
(3) The diameter of the intake valve is larger. Deformation occurs under the action of gas explosion pressure;
(4) The thickness of the valve edge decreases after polishing;
(5) The exhaust valve is impacted by high-temperature gas, which causes the working face to corrode, and spots and sags appear.

2. The valve head is eccentrically worn. The valve stem is constantly rubbed in the valve guide, which increases the matching gap, and the swaying in the tube causes the eccentric wear of the valve head.

3.The wear and bending deformation of the valve stem are caused by the gas pressure in the cylinder and the impact of the cam on the valve through the tappet. All of these failures: can cause the intake and exhaust valves to close loosely and leak air.


Weekly maintenance of diesel generators

1. Repeat the daily inspection of Class A diesel generators.
2. Check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter element.
3. Drain the water or sediment from the fuel tank and fuel filter.
4. Check the water filter.
5. Check the starting battery.
6. Start the diesel generator and check whether it is affected.
7. Use an air gun and clean water to clean the cooling fins at the front and rear ends of the cooler.

Post time: Jul-05-2022